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Jul 19

Philly 101: Tips for Adding a City Trip to Your Stay at Chubb Hotel

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Will getting down to business or celebrating a loved one’s wedding bring you to Chubb Hotel & Conference Center this summer?

If you’ve never had the pleasure of spending time in our neck of the woods, we know you’ll enjoy your stay because of our gorgeous property and the multitude of attractions in Montgomery County. As you probably know, though, we’re also pretty close to a major metropolis: Philadelphia.

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Jul 5
Jun 20
May 23

Welcome to the World of an Event Coordinator

Welcome to the World of a Wedding Planner

Weddings, quite simply, are a blast. This is something we all know and recognize. But sometimes, we forget to acknowledge the people behind the scenes who make all the fun happen: the event coordinators. Most brides and grooms are endlessly thankful for the people who plan and execute their big days, but wedding guests can easily forget the planners working to make sure every special moment flows seamlessly.

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May 9
Apr 4

Easy Exercises to Beat Conference Restlessness

As educational, exciting and transformative as major conferences or events can be, they often involve long hours and lots of time spent sitting down. Because of that, it can be difficult to make time for physical activity. However, since we’ve hosted our fair share of events here at the Chubb Hotel and Conference Center, we’ve figured out the best ways for conference-goers to stay active during business meetings.


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Mar 21

Team Building Done Right: An Interview with The Fun Dept.

Here at Chubb Hotel & Conference Center, we host our fair share of business events, whether they involve colleagues who have known each other for ages or long-distance employees who are meeting face-to-face for the first time. In either case, even though there’s usually plenty of work to be done, there’s always time for some fun as well.

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Mar 10
Feb 23

5 Attractions You Better Not Miss in Montgomery County

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  At Chubb Hotel, we work hard to give our guests everything they need to have a wonderful stay. From the high-end décor to the delightful cuisine, Chubb Hotel and Conference Center has it all. We want your time with us to be memorable and that includes visiting these nearby, wonderful attractions. Here are five […]

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Feb 1