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Sep 18

Support Local Restaurants: Conshohocken Edition

With the help of our new blog series, we want to support the dynamic neighborhoods surrounding us and support local businesses during these challenging times. After highlighting the food and restaurant landscape of Chestnut Hill, in our last blog post, we are now introducing the next fun neighborhood near the Chubb Hotel and Conference Center: Conshohocken. Conshohocken is a borough on the Schuylkill River that developed from an industrial mill town to a center of riverfront commercial and residential development. It is also known for its dynamic culinary scene.

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Aug 11
Jun 1

The ACE Club is a Natural Choice!

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Considering a Golf Membership? The ACE Club is a Natural!

After months of binging on Netflix and over-walking the dog, Americans are seeking safe outdoor recreation alternatives that can be enjoyed while paying attention to social distancing. Golf has proven itself to meet these criteria since the game can be played in groups even without close physical interaction, while tee time bookings control the flow of people into all that open space.

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Apr 22

Expert Tips on Working From Home

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In these challenging days, we’re wishing everyone safety and good health as we all continue to hunker down and look to the future and better times ahead on the other side of Covid-19. For many of us, that means working from home. And for others, it even means looking for work — from home. Here are some expert tips from our all-pro team on best practices for getting the most — out of working from the old abode.

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Feb 3

2020 Wedding Trends

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From environmental-friendly menus and décor to hotel takeovers, the wedding game is about to change in 2020. That is why Erika Emmerling, Chubb Hotel & Conference Center’s expert wedding planner, shared some insider knowledge on wedding trends of 2020 and what to expect (not to expect) in the new decade.

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