5 Perfect Presenters: Types of Speakers We Should All Strive to Be

Jul 14

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Presenters come in all shapes and sizes, and with that, each brings a different presentation style to the table. They may be loud, emotional, insightful, or logical, but each has its pros and cons. Their personal flair packs a punch at any event.  So whether you need to nail that proposal presentation or bring the laughs as the best man, these are the types of presenters we should all strive to be.

1) The Thespian is an actor in his or her own presentation. They probably took a college course in theater and an improv class in their spare time. The Thespian appeals to your emotions, which makes them extremely memorable.

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Example: Tom Hanks

2) The Storyteller tells his presentation in the arc of a story. They captivate you in their narrative, and you gladly lend your ears. We often become absorbed in their stories, because we can easily relate to them.

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Example: Steve Jobs

3) The Chameleon is the shapeshifter of the presenting community. He or she can change their presentation style to the crowd with a flip of a switch. They are insightful, flexible with their plans, and great at reading the crowd.

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Example: Neil Patrick Harris

4) The Silent One is as much a facilitator as a presenter. Their presentation often asks for participation, feedback, and interaction. In the pursuit for what is logical and fair, The Silent One often has more steak than sizzle.

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Example: Dalai Lama

5) The Firecracker relies on raw energy and charisma for his or her presentation. They demand and hold attention like a sixth sense. The Firecracker doesn’t necessarily have to be loud, but that is how they’re perceived.

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Example: David Letterman

You may gravitate toward one of these presenters or even feel like you just read your personal horoscope. Maybe not. It really doesn’t matter, because at the end of the day, we should emulate bits and pieces of each. Once you master at least one, you’re sure to Ace it.