The 5 Types of People You Find at Every Meeting

Feb 20

Business meetings, conferences and events are a great way to break out of the office and connect with others outside of your department. They’re also full of entertaining and eccentric characters. We rounded up a list of five types of people that are sure to show up at every meeting:


The Coffee Fanatic

These attendees can typically be found hovering around the coffee machine long before the conference commences. They may appear unapproachable at first, but just wait for the caffeine to kick in. These morning foes perk up quickly and become focused contributors. You might also want to check in with them after the meeting if you missed anything, since coffee can help with memory retention.


The Late Arrivers

Every meeting is bound to have late or close-call arrivals. These breathless blunderers try their best to bump into the least amount of people as they fill in the last open seats. It’s important to plan ample time for a different commute when a meeting takes place outside of the office. The shake-up in routine may be excusable as long as they don’t make a habit of it.


The Teacher’s Pet

Notebooks, flash drives, highlighters and post-its: This person is the go-to for late arrivers who forgot a pen. This person participates early and often. Sometimes it may seem like they’re trying to run the show, but these folks are just eager to get the most out of the day. They can also be relied on to help keep business goals on track.


The Social Media Guru

You thought you might fly under the radar this meeting, but the smartphone-wielding, picture-snapping social media enthusiast is bound to catch you in a shot. With the rising trend of streaming meetings and conferences, every company get-together has become an opportunity for engagement. Participating in blog interviews and photos is a great way to stay connected with other employees after events. Plus, snagging a selfie with the boss never hurt anyone’s Instagram game.


The Event Profs

Here’s a type of person you might be slow to recognize at a conference: the ones making it all happen. Behind-the-scenes, event professionals work hard to create dynamic, productive meeting environments. These all-stars are ready to problem-solve and help attendees get the most out of their experiences, and successful meetings simply wouldn’t happen without them. Next time you’re at a meeting, thank an event professional!


What other types of people do you see in every professional event? Schedule your next meeting with us and see if you can spot them!