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May 30

READY, SET, GO: Beginning Your Wedding Venue Search

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Congratulations — You’re engaged! Now what? This is a common question newly engaged couples will often ask themselves. You finally got the ring; next up on the list, picking the perfect wedding venue.

I have been in the wedding planning and special event industry for over 10 years. As a former bride myself, I can tell you finding the perfect wedding venue isn’t as easy as it seems. Recently, I was invited to tour wedding venues with my sister-in-law and her fiancé. It got me thinking about the wedding venue selection journey and how couples end up choosing the perfect wedding venue for their big day. But, you have to start somewhere, right?

They were “newbies” to the wedding planning process and slightly overwhelmed at where to begin the venue search. I imagine most couples feel the exact same way starting out. The truth is, it is overwhelming and you don’t know what you don’t know — and guess what, that’s okay!  So, where do you start

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Sep 18

Grooms to Be: Eric and Michael Share Their Story (Part 3)

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Over the recent months, we’ve had the pleasure of following the journey of grooms-to-be Eric and Michael as they prepare to get married here at Chubb Hotel and Conference Center this fall. We have gotten to know their story previously and now we are going to ask the hard questions about their big day: food, music, lighting—as they say, the whole enchilada. It’s the third in our four-part series following the couple in their matrimonial journey.

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May 2

Grooms to Be: Eric and Michael Share Their Story (Part 2)

After 13 years together, longtime partners Eric and Michael will finally tie the knot with a wedding held at the Chubb Hotel and Conference Center. In our first installment of our four-part series, we highlighted Eric and Michael’s engagement and how they came to choose Chubb Hotel to host their special day. Now, the couple has started the next steps in the planning process by selecting the perfect vendors to ensure their wedding day is one they’ll never forget.

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Jan 16

Unwrapping 2016 at Chubb Hotel & Conference Center

With the beginning of every new year there comes a period of reflection — a time during which we look back upon the highlights of the year that’s now behind us. Here at Chubb Hotel and Conference Center, 2016 was undoubtedly a year bustling with excitement, engagement and newfound connections. From an incredible new catering collaboration to life-altering conferences and dozens of stunning love story weddings, Chubb Hotel and Conference Center saw it all.

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Jan 2

Grooms to Be: Eric and Michael Share Their Story

We’re beyond proud to share the story of longtime partners Eric and Michael, who, after 13 years together, will finally tie the knot with a wedding hosted at Chubb Hotel and Conference Center. In the first of a four-part series surrounding the ins and outs of their wedding planning, we highlight Eric and Michael’s engagement and how they came to choose Chubb to host their special day. Be on the lookout throughout the year as for more updates leading up to the big day!

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Aug 29

Walk Through a Wedding Menu with Garces Events

It’s your big day. The vows were perfect, the dress was stunning, and the entire ceremony went without a hitch. Finally, you can relax and let loose at the reception, where you have a fantastic meal to look forward to as the party begins.

That’s where Garces Events comes in.

With several customizable menus and the genius of Culinary Director Adam DeLosso, Garces Events will make sure that your special day will be everything you wanted and more. With an award winning chef behind it all, the only thing you have to worry about is how you’re going to narrow down your favorites.

Need a little help getting started? Here’s a preview of a wedding day menu that’s hopefully get you inspired!

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Aug 1

7 Perfect Wedding Movies to Watch Before the Big Day


Wedding movies — they’ll never go out of style.

Whether you watch after your engagement because you’re high on excitement or with your bridal party while pampering the night before the big day, these funny, feel-good and sometimes disastrous wedding tales are the perfect way to relax before the festivities. From romantic moments to love triangle drama, here are our favorite wedding films.

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May 23

Welcome to the World of an Event Coordinator

Welcome to the World of a Wedding Planner

Weddings, quite simply, are a blast. This is something we all know and recognize. But sometimes, we forget to acknowledge the people behind the scenes who make all the fun happen: the event coordinators. Most brides and grooms are endlessly thankful for the people who plan and execute their big days, but wedding guests can easily forget the planners working to make sure every special moment flows seamlessly.

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Jun 29

Wedding Advice for Grooms, From Grooms

Weddings can be daunting for just about everyone involved, especially for the ones getting married. Brides spend a significant amount of time on Pinterest and even longer making actual purchases for the big day. They painstakingly search for the perfect dress, the right shoes, hairstyle, jewelry, invitations, entertainment, ice sculpture, giant chocolate fountain, the groom… […]

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Jun 2

Crafting the Perfect Wedding Playlist

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With wedding season upon us, couples everywhere are putting the final touches on their special day. Once the dress is fitted and the cake has been taste-tested, it’s time to plan the evening’s music. A couple should curate a playlist that speaks to their guests and reflects their past, present and future together. But with […]

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