Conference Tech Triumphs at Chubb Hotel

Oct 24


We’ve all been there. The quarterly meeting is meant to be productive, but your message is lost on the crowd thanks to faulty connections, fumbled connector cables and endless loading icons.

Sometimes, it can seem like Murphy’s Law has a special vendetta for conference technology. But at Chubb Hotel, we’re committed to working with innovative, high-tech equipment that’ll make your meeting go smoother than ever. Here are some of our capabilities.

Webcasting & Recording

Be seen! Stream your programs online and record them for future use. The ability to share your presentation quickly and easily reduces unnecessary hassle and increases productivity.



Make the ultimate connection. Meet with colleagues across county or continent lines in real time with our top-notch videoconferencing center.

Web training

Need to access interactive web components? Say no more. Attendees can directly join online learning sessions to complete assigned tasks and lessons.


Large screens and state-of-the-art sound systems allow for the perfect Skype session. Speakers can seamlessly link to remote audiences for live discussions.



Revamp your presentations by saying goodbye to traditional projectors. Plug in your flash drive and go! Effortlessly switch between webpages and your notes for the ultimate interactive experience.

Wireless teleconferencing

If you can’t stand dropped calls and dial tones, have no fear. Our conference centers are equipped to connect your lecturer to a room of up to 130 people.

High-speed Wi-Fi

Last, but certainly not least, are our Wi-Fi capabilities. We proudly provide 100 mbps of internet throughout our entire facility, meaning guests can connect as many devices as they want with no lag or reduced loading speeds.

Let us make your next business meeting a success — we’ve got you covered.