Sustainable Resources, Environmentally-Friendly

We are committed to abiding by the principals that ensure viable and sustainable environmental resources in our area.

Recycling, water conservation and filtration, energy efficiency, and wildlife preservation are of paramount importance and considered in all aspects of our operations.

Energy Efficiency

All HVAC systems are controlled by an energy management system and are equipped with high-efficiency motors and variable frequency drives. A timed program regulates lighting and thermostats throughout the facility, including fluorescent fixtures fitted with dimmable electronic ballasts in our meeting rooms and LED lighting in all public spaces. Infrared occupancy sensors installed in various locations ensure that energy is conserved when the areas are not in use. All bathrooms feature low-flow water-saving devices.

Filtered Water

Our filtered water program has been designed and manufactured specifically to reduce our impact on the environment, while providing quality drinking water for our guests. By serving filtered water using our onsite purification and filtration technology, we are able to drastically reduce the pollution caused by traditional bottled water.


All plastic, aluminum, glass, newspapers, office paper, cardboard, wood pallets, grease, lamps, ballasts and used batteries are collected on-site and recycled.

Water Conservation Management

Water captured in a large storm collection and irrigation pond, fed by a system that pipes water from all areas of the property, is recycled through the irrigation system. A second water retention pond provides habitat and resources to a variety of wildlife, while also functioning as a strategic component for golfers playing the nearby hole. The property also has 82 acres of prairie, grasslands, and meadows landscaped with draught-tolerant native grasses and plants that require little or no supplemental irrigation.

In addition, water and cleaning supply usage is minimized by offering guests the opportunity to re-use towels and bed linens during their stay.

Wildlife Conservation

Developed in accordance with Audubon International standards, Chubb Hotel & Conference Center is one of the few remaining green areas providing a wildlife habitat in the Philadelphia area. The adjoining ACE Club is certified as an Audubon International Silver Signature Sanctuary.

Wildlife conservation is an integral part of our environmental resource program, including the preservation and improvement of Manor Creek, associated wetlands, and the upland buffer. Overall, 135 acres of wildlife habitat is preserved on the property.  As part of our commitment to provide a safe-haven, we also have a no-spray and no-mow policy in place to reduce watershed pollutants and ensure wildlife can survive and thrive.