An Interview with Garces Events Culinary Director Adam DeLosso

Jul 5

Crab Montadito
Crab Montadito

Recently, we announced our new, exclusive catering and hospitality partnership with the highly esteemed Garces Events. We’re thrilled to have Garces as part of our talented event team, and we’re eager to share what makes their services and food so extraordinary.

In the spirit of culinary greatness, we caught up with Adam DeLosso, Culinary Director for Garces Events, to learn about his culinary background, what makes Garces Events so unique, and how to pair the perfect menu with any event. Dig into our interview with DeLosso below.

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Q: Introduce yourself to us! Where are you from, and how did you initially start cooking?

A: I’m from Havertown, a Philadelphia suburb. I started cooking with my grandmother in her kitchen, where we made Sunday Italian dinners.

Do you have a favorite cooking memory while growing up?

Every summer, my grandparents would stay with us at the shore. We would go crabbing in the morning and my grandmother and I would clean the crabs in the afternoon and make crab gravy for dinner. It was an experience that definitely helped foster my love of cooking.

How long have you been involved with Garces Events? What do you enjoy most about being an executive chef with Garces Events?

I started at Garces Events five years ago. There’s a lot to love about Garces, but I just love how every event is a little different. I like giving our guests the ‘WOW’ factor each time. That reaction is invaluable to me.

What’s your favorite meal or dish to cook?

My favorite meal is with my family at home—BBQ out on the grill.

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Short Rib Coca

Do you have any signature dishes or recipes?

I imagine I do, but I would think twice before calling anything a signature dish. I always want to improve each dish we develop and I never stop pushing for perfection.

When preparing a dish, what emotion or feeling do you hope your guest experiences while eating your dish?

A simple emotion: Happiness. I think the whole experience is what separates good hospitality from great hospitality.

Scallops A La Plancha
Scallops A La Plancha

What’s your vision for the perfect wedding menu? What about a busy conference event?

A great wedding menu should be what the bride and groom are looking for, not what I think it should be. If the bride and groom are vegan and want a whole vegan wedding—even if their guests are not vegan—I would design a menu for them that makes them feel special on their day.

For a conference event, the food should be great but not too intrusive. It should be easy to eat and should not get in the way of the main event. Most conferences are about communicating new ideas or learning new techniques to apply within businesses, so the menu we curate should certainly impact our guests, but ultimately complement the event experience.

What’s the best part of having a special event catered by Garces Events?

That’s easy. The best part of having your event catered by Garces Events is bringing Latin-inspired hospitality and the great cuisine of each one of our restaurants to your whole event.

If your next special event calls for gourmet dining and unforgettable hospitality, don’t miss your chance to work with Chef DeLosso and the Garces Events team—book your next event with us today.