The Revolutionary History of Lafayette Hill, PA

Jul 3

We here at Chubb Hotel are proud that our clients have come to know that we are synonymous with quality service. Our beautifully manicured grounds are perfect for any occasion: a proposal, business meeting, wedding, or a personal escape from the everyday, all located in the picturesque Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania.

As we celebrate Independence Day, let’s a look at the historical significance of our property with regard to our nation’s Declaration of Independence. Like many parts in the commonwealth, Montgomery County has a rich history dating back centuries.

Montgomery County

Our beautiful home.

Montgomery County, founded in 1784, was named after Richard Montgomery. Montgomery was a soldier who originally was in the British army but joined the American’s cause for freedom in the Revolutionary War. Chubb Hotel is located in the beautiful and historic Lafayette Hill section of Whitemarsh Township, which was also the site of the Battles of White Marsh and Barren Hill.

Lafayette Hill and Marquis de Lafayette

Lafayette Hill is named after American Revolutionary War veteran Marquis de Lafayette.

Marquis de Lafayette. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Lafayette was a Frenchman who became sympathetic to the patriots’ cause and assisted General George Washington during the war. In the spring of 1778, Lafayette led his troops in the successful defense of what is now Lafayette Hill.

Natural Resources

 Pennsylvania is known for its bounty of natural limestone, and Whitemarsh Township was an early purveyor of the resource. In 1686, resident Thomas Fitzwater found expansive lime deposits on his land. William Penn knew this limestone’s potential worth to the economy, so he championed a highway to be built from the Delaware River to Fitzwater’s land. Known as Limekiln Pike, it was one of the first major roads in Montgomery County—and it’s still bustling today.

With the 4th of July on everyone’s minds, let’s celebrate our area’s bountiful history. Our grounds are lush and landscaped, but under the beauty is a rich history bubbling to the surface.

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Lead image via Library of Congress.