Your Summertime Guide to Enjoying Our Great Outdoors

Jun 20


Summer is upon us, and we know that means: It’s time to get outside.

Luckily for you, Chubb Hotel and Conference Center rests on a property of more than 300 acres of rolling hills and woodlands. This gives you all the freedom you need to get outside, whether that involves scavenger hunts, working out on our volleyball courts or even outdoor meetings.

We’ve cooked up some great suggestions for how to enjoy this outdoor space during your summer stay with us.

Meeting on the Lafayette Event Deck

Although our indoor spaces are great, a change of scenery is always refreshing. Our stunning Lafayette Event Deck can serve as a wonderful place for an outdoor meeting and some fresh air. Going outside can even increase endorphins and your ability to focus, which will make the meeting even more enjoyable.


Volleyball Court

Apart from jogging trails, our property also offers a volleyball court as a place to get some exercise. Engaging in a little healthy competition with your co-workers can be exciting, and you’ll be working out while having a great time. Exercising is a great way to unwind, relax and relieve stress. After soaking up the fresh air and sunshine you’ll be rejuvenated and ready for whatever is next on your schedule. 

Ships in the Mist

Team-building activities can be a great way to enhance your communication skills and camaraderie with your co-workers. These exercises give you a reprieve from your meetings and allow you to get outside and enjoy our gorgeous landscape. Ships in the Mist, an obstacle course activity, helps strengthen your communication and listening skills. It also helps to build trust between colleagues, because you must trust the person leading you through the obstacle course. It might seem a little silly at first, but anyone can benefit and learn from this exercise.


Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts: They’re not just for kids anymore. Our event experts can help you plan the perfect quest for your company. Many scavenger hunts we’ve created in the past have included a charitable aspect, such as finding pieces of a bicycle that will be built by a team and donated to a Boys & Girls Club. Our sprawling landscape is the perfect place to hunt for hidden items, and it might even present you with an interesting challenge. With our scavenger hunts, not only do you refine your teamwork and communication skills, you also get to give back.

Outdoor Yoga

Imagine perfecting your sun salutations while watching the sunrise on our beautiful backdrop. The benefits of yoga are endless. It helps you find balance in your body and mind and can even sharpen your concentration. With beautiful scenery and a gentle breeze to help you focus, practicing yoga in our outdoor spaces can be especially helpful for clearing your mind. So, grab a mat and some of your co-workers and get stretching.

If you’re planning a conference or meeting with us this summer, be sure to take advantage of the opportunities our lovely outdoor spaces have to offer. By participating in outdoor and teamwork activities, we know your stay with us will be enjoyable and memorable. Browse our photo gallery to see just how beautiful our property is.