Team building: What do you really achieve in the end?

Mar 22

According to Cambridge Dictionary, Team Building is a series of “activities that help a group work together more effectively as a team.”

The following are a few popular types of team building activities that we regularly host here at Chubb Hotel & Conference Center, and you can too!

  1. Volunteer
    • Building bicycles for underprivileged youth
    • Smile kits for the military or hospital patients
    • No-sew blankets for nursing homes residents
  2. Strategic
    • Scavenger hunts
    • Product design & marketing
    • Get Rich Quick
    • Escaping the room or a treasure box challenge
  3. Physical
    • Low ropes course
    • Laser tag
    • Field day
    • Golf clinics just to name a few
  4. “Field trips”
    • While your experience at Chubb is special on its own, we’ve had several groups go off property after their meeting to check out a museum, a Phillies game, and even a brewery tour.
    • Instead of going out, let us bring a painting experience on-site, outdoors and overlooking our beautiful golf course!
  5. Meals & Drinks
    • Everyone knows that all great conversation begins with food and beverage
    • Work collaboratively in teams to prepare a meal for your group
    • Host a wine-tasting and gain some education while you’re at it too

Now that you have some ideas of how we can help you host a team building experience, let’s talk about what you’ll want to ask yourself first in order to make this a worthwhile experience:

  1. Deciding your intention
    • What is the final outcome you want achieve once you leave our property?
    • What success do you want your team to achieve as a result?
  2. Outline your business goals
    • Are they understood clearly by each team member?
    • Have you set boundaries and expectations?
    • How are they held accountable?
  3. Do you know your team?
    • Do you really know what your team needs in order to produce the best results?
    • Have you asked them (before scheduling your team building activity)?
    • Do they perceive that their work is valuable to the company?
    • Are they excited to grow and develop?
    • Will they feel challenged?
  4. ‘That’s not my job’
    • Does each member understand how their individual efforts impact the overall objective?
    • Have you empowered them and provided them enough freedom to make decisions?
    • Are they being rewarded for taking reasonable risk?
    • Are they afraid of punishment?
  5. Are you supporting your team as best as you can?
    • Do they have access to resources and support?
    • Are you committed to bringing back what they learn to the office after all is said and done?
    • Does the experience make direct connections between a fun day out of the office and something that your team can apply in real life?

Nothing impacts the outcome of this experience more than your Corporate Culture.  Understanding this will help you to achieve your goals!

  • Corporate culture is paramount to how well a company performs.
  • It is made up of assumptions about how people think, feel and act. It’s these inferences that tell employees “this is how we do things here.”
  • The more you support your team, the more cohesive and profitable the organization will be on a whole.
  • The key to success is to plan continuous follow up events, not once a year, but regularly in order to measure the cohesiveness of your team and ensure this investment was worth it.
  • Ask yourself this question: is the corporate culture willing to make necessary changes based on the feedback including how it motivates, develops, manages, and rewards its employees?
  • If it is, then you can expect a return on your investment and should give us a call to help you get started with planning!

Amanda Chrin, Sales Manager, 610-940-4783

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