Unwrapping 2016 at Chubb Hotel & Conference Center

Jan 16

With the beginning of every new year there comes a period of reflection — a time during which we look back upon the highlights of the year that’s now behind us. Here at Chubb Hotel and Conference Center, 2016 was undoubtedly a year bustling with excitement, engagement and newfound connections. From an incredible new catering collaboration to life-altering conferences and dozens of stunning love story weddings, Chubb Hotel and Conference Center saw it all.

Partnership with Garces Events

Jose Garces
Chef Jose Garces at the partnership celebration back in May 2016


Arguably the biggest news to hit Chubb Hotel and Conference Center in 2016 was an exclusive catering partnership with Garces Events. Back in early May, we proudly announced the prestigious collaboration with Iron Chef Jose Garces’ catering service. We are honored to say this is, thus far, the first and only expansion of Garces catering services to the suburbs. Chubb Hotel’s Lafayette Hill conference rooms, ballrooms and lounge are now always lavishly catered with a wide array of scrumptious Garces cuisine and we look forward to another fantastic year working with Garces Events as our executive food-and-beverage service provider in 2017.


Women of Wellness (WOW) Conference


While Chubb Hotel is home to many extraordinary conferences year-round, some unquestionably stand out among the rest. In late September 2016, Chubb Hotel and Conference Center hosted an impactful and inspirational women’s conference. The Women of Wellness conference, aimed at motivating women to invest in their health and well-being, spanned across two days at our scenic suburban Pennsylvania venue. Through this event, attendees formed new bonds and found insight on taking charge of their lives and prioritizing their health. At Chubb Hotel and Conference Center, we are always thrilled and eager to accommodate powerful conferences like that of the Women of Wellness. We look forward to seeing a new variety of life-changing conferences roll through our doors in the coming year.


Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

Katz Wedding by Wojtaszek Weddings
Photography credit: Wojtaszek Weddings


Who doesn’t love a wedding? No matter the season or time of year, every nuptial ceremony to grace the grounds of Chubb Hotel and Conference Center in 2016 took our breath away. The food, photos, first kisses and forever memories that are made within the confines of our walls in this seemingly small Pennsylvania town are incomparable to anything else. We are grateful to not only be a hotel or a conference center or wedding venue, but to be all that and so much more for the guests who visit Chubb Hotel and Conference Center. Here’s to a 2017 filled to the brim with beautiful weddings, celebrations and many events in between.